Centrally located in Toronto we are just 25Km's from most other major metropolitan areas; making it easy for us to reach nearly all the city's that make up our wonderful southern Ontario region.


No matter how near or far we can handle any request for electronic end of life recycling. Have a large request? call us to arrange a meeting where we can discuss the process with you.

Doing our part to divert electronics from the landfill.


As a group of technicians working for A Cubed IT we had a client submit; what we thought at the time a simple request. "Can you please find a company to dispose of some old electronics?" We struggled to find anyone. With that little request we needed a solution that we couldn't find. As a solutions provider, several of us have volunteered our time, a little money and have started FREERecyling.ca


Now almost 5 years running we have established our business in southern Ontario as "the" preferred recycling coordinator for Toronto and Mississauga.


Featured in PC World Magazine and had many mentions on TV we can manage and organize the removal of your unwanted recyclables.