A Cubed IT /

Toronto, ON, We Do Not Accept Drop Offs, We Arrange Pickups And Separate The Items and Components.


Hours of Operation.

Call The Office Anytime between 9am-6pm

Scheduled Pickups Are Set For Fridays 8am-4:30pm

Custom Pickups Can Be Arranged For Tuesdays and Thursday


Phone 416.438.2823

Cole Trickle ext 301


We ensure the material collected are by Canadians, its going to Canadian metal recycler's and stays in Canada till its a raw metal again. we can make this claim as we are extremely selective on who we use to handle the sorting, dismantling and smelting.


PC World Magazine

Featured in June 2009 PC World Magazine - Small mention for free computer recycling in Toronto.




Ontario Government New E-waste Bag

The Ontario government is providing home owners with a new e-waste bags for your electronic items this spring, if you are a resident of Toronto with 5 items or less items simply place your electronics on the ground besides the garbage and the city will remove these items for you.


Information and Pickups

if you have submitted a recycling request we will respond as soon as possible. This program is our way of ensuring business's have a means of removing and recycling old and unwanted computer electronics.