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Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. What Toxins Do You Find In Electronic Items?

  • Barium (CRT): Intestinal illness, muscular weakness
  • Beryllium (electronics): Can damage bones, cause cancer
  • Cadmium (batteries and circuit boards): Kidney, liver, bone, and blood damage
  • Hexavalent chromium (steel): liver, kidney, nerve tissues and kidney disease, brain disorders in young children
  • Mercury (LCD, flat panel displays, batteries): kidney damage
  • Phosphorus (CRT): skin, eye, and stomach irritation
  • Brominated flame retardants (plastics, cables, CRTs): endocrine disruptor, neurotoxin


Q. Can you pickup my items outside Toronto and the GTA?

A. Absolutely, we are not limited to just the GTA, we often schedule Computer Recycling Mississauga, Computer Recycling Brampton, Computer Recycling York-Region, Electronics Recycling in Hamilton and even Owen Sound on a regular basis. We have even gone as far as Florida, its all possible.


Q. What fees do we have to pay for?
A. Other than monitors($10-12/unit), UPS(from 12/unit) (battery units) data destruction($10/drive) with the need for hard drive removal($25/drive) and printers ($10/unit) there is no other fee's, everything else is FREE for you and paid by A Cubed IT Solutions Inc the truck rental, the gas, labor, arrangement of items

Q. Why we charge for monitor and battery disposal.
A. Toxic materials cost us money to handle, dismantle and dispose of correctly, the toxins inside monitors, printers, laptops and cell phones can be very toxic to our eco-system; we can't allow these materials to leach into our the ground and into our water systems, we must protect our environment by properly disposing of these materials. The most common items we encountered is lead and monitors often contain several pounds of lead and trace amounts of mercury.

Q. What do you do with the e-waste?
A. Individual component are time taxingly removed by hand; separating salvageable items such as, motherboards, CPU's, scrap metals, and plastics are sorted by colour; the materials are then sold to our downstream vendors for re-use into marketable commodities.


Q. What items are made from the recycling process?

A. We aren't the recycler so we can't provide a full list of the items made, but most of the material collected is plastics, which go into making plastic containers, garbage and recycling containers; motherboard material goes into making reinforced concrete the precious metal are often used in space satellite implications.


Q. When are your pickup dates ?

A. We take each month as it comes, depending on the amount of submissions and areas, we can have anywhere from 1 pickup date to 6 a month, after you submit your request we will be in touch to schedule your pickup.


Q. Do you accept drop off's

A. Not at present time, we are not a recycling depot and don't have the facilities to handle the drop-off, this web site and service is a program we created to ensure we are doing out part by ensuring old computer and portable communications devices stay out of canadian landfills. We work with downstream recycler's and processors by dropping off the items directly to them.