Mission Statement

End of life electronics (EOLE) recycling solutions for office, corporations, small office and homes.

Doing whatever we can to help our planet.


Doing what we can!
As a group of technicians working for A Cubed IT we had a client submit what we thought at the time a simple request; "Can you please find a company to dispose of some old electronics?" We struggled to find anyone. With that little request we needed a solution that we couldn't find. As a solutions provider, several of us have volunteered our time, a little money and have started FREERecyling.ca.


In our short startup we are already managing over 20 request for recycling a week. FreeRecycling.ca is a not a charitable organization, funded in whole by our parent company A Cubed IT. All our time is donated, the gas and rental vehicles are provided by A Cubed IT


Andrew Atherton
Recycling Director.